Honduran Quesadillas

There are two types of quesadilla available in Honduras. One is a tortilla and cheese like the Mexican variety, and the second is a sweet and savory cake.

Tortilla and Cheese Honduran Quesadilla

At the time when the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the New World in 15th century, the thin, flatbread  pie was already a perfected staple of the Mesoamerican people. The Spanish gave the name quesadilla (little cheesy thing) to this appetizing dish. As the Spanish influence penetrated the New World, other components were added to the cheesy quesadilla such as beef, chicken, turkey, seafood or vegetables. The quesadilla as we know it now evolved into a blend of the Mesoamerican and Spanish traditions.

The quesadilla is assembled prior to hitting the pan. One (folded over) or two (top and bottom) tortillas that are filled and grilled with key ingredient inside – cheese (that’s where the “quesa” comes from). Alternatively shreds or meat and sometimes lettuce are added, then assembled, cooked and served flat, with or without goodies piled on top. The cheese is very important – other stuff can be added both inside and outside, but cheese is essential.

Usually, quesadilla, as traditional food of Honduras, is prepared by using a corn tortilla, meat, cheese, and is frequently served with guacamole and salsa.

Honduran Quesadillas

Sweet and Savory Quesadilla Cheesecake

This quesadilla is very different from the above variation as it uses weighty, thick bread and is served as a dessert with coffee. It is more like a cake mixture of rice flour, eggs, butter, milk, cheese, sour cream and sugar. The ingredients are baked in a shallow pan for half an hour.

This traditional cheesecake is eaten mostly at Christmas and is also referred to as cheese bread. The taste is very much like cornbread blended with parmesan cheese. This bake is also known to some as Salvadorian Cheesecake and is classed as a sweet and savory cake.

Honduran Quesadillas

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